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How does cooking and charging go together? A small company, BioLite, has been working on a small and durable camp stove that combines cooking with charging.
The most impressive feature of this cooking device is that it can cut the emissions by 90%, compared to you burn woods directly. By cutting emissions, it also cuts down the threat from the emissions thus saves lives by being eco friendly. It also has the ability to convert a fraction of the excess heat into electricity to charge your gadgets (mobile phones, LED lights, GPS, etc.) via one USB port. Thus, similar to solar powered devices, the StoveCamp saves energy.

BioLite team explains:

"Half the planet cooks on open fires, leading to 2 million premature deaths each year and contributing to global warming. We're using the same technology inside the CampStove to bring clean, safe energy access to families across the developing world."

BioLIte CampStove is now in manufacture and is ready to go to the market. It is expected to hit the market this summer (2012 camp season). It uses nothing else but woods. Campers and hikers can reserve one at today.

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