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Definition of Trending

Trending has become a synonym of hot lately. People looks for trending news, trending topics, trending videos, etc. According to Wikipedia, trending topics on Twitter means:
A word, phrase or topic that is tagged at a greater rate than other tags is said to be a trending topic. Trending topics become popular either through a concerted effort by users, or because of an event that prompts people to talk about one specific topic.
If so, how about trending deals, and how to find these deals.

Search Engine Doesn't Return Trending Deals

Trending deals implies hot deals getting popularly mentioned by shoppers. A search of 'trending deals' on Google returns a special Top Trending Deals page on Pinterest, showing deals that someone set up a page on Pinterest thinking they were trending at one point. Obviously, the page was set up more than a year ago, sometimes in year 2012. It's old. Maybe it's because the page title is named 'hot trending deals', or maybe because the page is hosted on Pinterest, somehow Google decided to show such page as the top return when someone like me searched for 'trending deal.' The result is far from flawless. It's actually useless because the deals are out dated.

Other search result listings have similar problem. In fact, among all the returned listings, none shows trending deals in our test search on Google.

INAB Trending Deals

We believe in trending deals are interesting to share. True trending deals should be up-to-date and should be talked about by either shoppers or promoters, or both. We at INAB identifies and displays trending deals in two places. If you come to our site and you're not signed in, top trending deals are displayed on our homepage:
If you come to our site and you're already signed in, the trending deals are listed under 'TRENDING' tab:
Either place, trending deals we identified are recent so chances are that they are valid. We assure you trending deals we show are popular in a way that are reported by multiple sources. These deals are being mentioned and are clustered by our proprietary ranking algorithm. Our system re-calculates the trend twice every hour which keeps tracks of the real trend as close as possible.

Further, if you ever wonder who are reporting the deals, just click on 'X others' and the similar or same deals that we clustered together will be displayed for your reference:

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